Foam [noun]

Definition of Foam:

bubbles formed from a liquid

Synonyms of Foam:












Opposite/Antonyms of Foam:


Sentence/Example of Foam:

Start with an insulated, inflatable pad, and consider layering it with a closed-cell foam pad for extra warmth.

Two colleagues picked him up in a truck loaded with a foam mattress, a chair, two buckets, towels and a full water tank on the roof.

As a result, the shot’s trajectory will bend to the side or even down towards the floor if you want to rain little foam balls on your opponents from above.

A slim-profile memory foam mattress less than 8 inches thick is going to work best for children and petite folks who weigh less than average.

These high-density foam organizers come in a wide variety of sizes, the smallest holding 30 bottles and the largest holding 63.

Stir occasionally, skimming any foam that rises to the top, until the vegetables look nearly falling apart, 2 to 3 hours.

Cushions are filled with comfortable high-density foam and the remote-controlled lumbar heating function keeps your back warm and soothed.

Memory foam pillows and mattresses are extremely popular these days, although memory foam is technically not a fill.

Why too much or too little cushioning can hurt youMidsole material, which is typically EVA or polyurethane foam, helps absorb the impact as your feet hit the ground.

That foam broke down faster in the soil, clearly losing mass.