Focused [verb]

Definition of Focused:

aim attention at

Synonyms of Focused:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focused:

Sentence/Example of Focused:

From the bridge we got a fine view as our guns were being focused on and about the north-west coast.

"There's something lying there," said Seth, whose eyes were suddenly focused on the ground, and then he dismounted quickly.

In Knigsberg (p. 103) was formed the League of Virtue, which focused the new morality and patriotism of the masses.

"Forget your feuds and listen to me," Peter Gross thundered in a voice of authority that focused instant attention upon him.

She bent slowly downwards, all the force of her will focused in her eyes.

Her eyes, wandering from his as she pumped herself up toward a frenzy, were focused now upon some object behind him.

In a state of nature, if a man's eyes were not properly focused, he blundered into the lair of a tiger and was eaten.

The conflict then focused about La Haye Sainte, where the garden and orchard were seized by an overwhelming force.

As she closed the door behind her, she realized that nearly every eye in the apparently-busy newsroom, had focused upon her.

As she paused just beyond the closed door, every eye in the newsroom focused upon her.