Focuses [noun]

Definition of Focuses:

center of attraction

Synonyms of Focuses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focuses:

Sentence/Example of Focuses:

It is not a dialogue, but only one end of a conversation, and for this reason it more intensely and definitely focuses attention.

There is but one end, and this end focuses on death, unfeeling sod, and worms.

It focuses by a small upper sliding section, fitted like a stove funnel.

It is these times that become the central points, the focuses of his interest, and the dates of his religious festivals.

During these years the God-Spirit focuses in the planet of Mercury , representing knowledge, memory and the carrying of messages.

For it is directly evident to us that consciousness focuses the plurality of environing things in a unity of representation.

In conclusion a concise index is given, which, it is hoped, sufficiently focuses the whole book for ready reference.

If the camera possessed by the would-be enlarger is one which focuses from the front, no adaptation of any sort will be required.

It is on the functions of the fore-brain that interest now mainly focuses, for the reasons mentioned above.

In nursing situations, the nurse focuses on nurturing person as they live and grow in caring.