Focussed [verb]

Definition of Focussed:

aim attention at

Synonyms of Focussed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focussed:

Sentence/Example of Focussed:

He looked at it through a keyhole, as it were—the extent was large yet detailed, the picture distant yet very clearly focussed.

It has been discovered that sound waves may be collected, focussed or directed, much in the same way that light waves can.

And this at the time when the attention of the community was focussed upon the new cause clbre!

As we pulled up before the veranda, the line of old ladies in rockers focussed their eyes upon us.

Up to then, the English national purview had been almost wholly insular and focussed on the Continent.

Even the outer ear is itself a receiver, for when the intermittent beam is focussed in the cavity a faint musical tone is heard.

A perfect tangle of telegraph wires coming from all parts of the Union were focussed at one end of the room.

He took a piece of punk from a waterproof box that he carried in his pocket and focussed the sun's rays on it.

Matt picked up the torch, snapped on the light and focussed the glow on the face of his watch.

Snatching the binoculars from Carl's hand, Dick focussed them on the object that had claimed Carl's attention.