Focussing [verb]

Definition of Focussing:

aim attention at

Synonyms of Focussing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Focussing:

Sentence/Example of Focussing:

At the orbital velocity of the ship, focussing on the star was indeed a difficult thing to do.

Special eyepieces are also obtainable having a sledging adjustment to the eye lens for focussing the micrometer.

This focussing must be performed anew for each object, on account of the variation in the thickness of the slides.

It is provided with a lens for focussing images upon a sensitive membrane called the retina.

The greatest care should be taken in focussing the telescope.

What provision is made for moving or focussing the lamp in the reflector?

Bell had dragged a camera across the control-room and was in the act of focussing it through a particular window.

The camera may then be "threaded-up," or, if focussing is desired, this can be completed first.

With the Williamson camera focussing is unnecessary within certain distances owing to the fixed foci of the stops.

This can then be focussed by moving the milled focussing screw on the lens until the picture stands out as sharply as is desired.