Fogginess [noun]

Definition of Fogginess:

mass of water particles in air

Synonyms of Fogginess:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fogginess:

Sentence/Example of Fogginess:

So that you'l have time enough to wast away that fulsomness and fogginess of body, that you have gotten in your Nurse-keeping.

On the contrary, during the winter an almost constant state of dense fogginess would prevail.

It is supposed by some that a prolonged action of the iron developer produces fogginess.

The Earthman saw that the fogginess was clearing from his big eyes.

But I want to see them; and the fogginess of the trees in that direction stops me.

Going without food tends to make for mental fogginess, snarling tempers, and general physical lassitude in any group of men.

Perhaps the very difficulty of attaining success is what has stayed many minds in floundering, timid, fogginess.

He ran his hand across his eyes as though to brush away some filmy fogginess of vision.

The cool fogginess of an August morning has melted under the fierce sun.

At once there was a noticeable fogginess in the air where Arcot had been.