Foghorn [noun]

Definition of Foghorn:

warning signal

Synonyms of Foghorn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foghorn:


Sentence/Example of Foghorn:

You know at Yale they called him 'Foghorn' Harwood, and they put him in front to lead the cheering at all the big games.

The musician, smiling and tousled, was at my bedside, raising a foghorn to his lips with deadly intention.

I hoped to do so without help, by using the edge of the sand; but if he heard a long whistle he was to blow the foghorn.

We hove-to, keeping the foghorn going with its melancholy bray.

Night was coming on and, to accent the loneliness, from somewhere in the dusky dimness a great foghorn groaned at intervals.

Once a minute the foghorn blew and once a minute Galusha Bangs jumped as if he were hearing it for the first time.

Anybody but a graven image would notice the Gould's Bluffs foghorn.

The foghorn boomed just here, but even after the sound had subdued Little Cherry Blossom seemed to find it difficult to proceed.

He marched forward and began to work the foot-power foghorn vigorously.

Don had started to shake his head when Foghorn Frank's voice boomed out.