Fogies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Fogies:

How had he, a useless old fogy, dared to blackball a man like Iver?

They have won the annual debate right along, so that my old fogy uncle declares all the brains are in Harvard.

They laughed at me because I found fault with these things and called me an old fogy.

"Old fogy teacher" or "he has the old ways yet" are expressions that are too common to require any explanation.

I go to the latter occasionally—the institute is an old fogy concern, but the grounds are fine.

Old fogy as I am, and still given to poetical quotations, I never made a more felicitous quotation than that.

It is only the old fogy who thinks modern young people "know too much."

It is losing time to reason with that old fogy who sees in the events of the day only so many opportunities for quotations.

He not only regarded him as an old fogy, a vain old fogy, but as a dead weight upon the Star.

Everybody said that if old-fogy Virginia did not make haste to join this march, she would be left "a wreck behind."