Foibles [noun]

Definition of Foibles:

personal imperfection

Synonyms of Foibles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foibles:

Sentence/Example of Foibles:

It’s a provocative, entertaining book that, much like Wolfe did, exposes our collective foibles and makes everybody look a little cartoonish.

These scientists aren’t necessarily familiar with the quirks and foibles of interferometric arrays.

The Steelers are indeed playing awful football, but most of their foibles are on the offensive side of the ball.

The narrative fleshes out humanlike foibles that strike chords in your heart.

His foible met the flash of the other man's forte, and his blade bounced aside like a sprung bow.

Il ne suffit pas de dire que l'esprit est foible, il faut lui faire sentir ses foiblesses.

Emancipation is all a delusion, a foible, a fantasy, an idle dream!

Judith consented to consult her; Mary soon found out the foible of the poor woman.

And now and then a human foible might be recorded by the stonemason without risk of undermining society's foundations.

And her ministers, in her name, in more instances than one, made a ministerial use of this her foible.