Foil [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foil:

Later, Melenda would send me off with a warm slice of her homemade rum cake wrapped in aluminum foil.

Typically, they’re refreshing, tart, and often physically chilled, making an ideal foil to the highly spiced meat.

The new design is “tabless,” which means the rolled-up foils inside each cell won’t need a metal tab running its length in order to enable charging and discharging.

He’s turned the group into a boogeyman of sorts, and it serves as a perfect foil for a president and a conservative movement looking to cast the overwhelmingly peaceful participants in protests over police brutality as a group of violent thugs.

Line an open box with aluminum foil, and use it to reflect sunlight into the box.

A small palm tree was set in the midst of the arena,—the trunk bronze, the leaves one sheen of gold-foil.

Out of the panic at Big Shanty two men emerged, determined, if possible, to foil the unknown captors of their train.

General Hancock's head-quarters' flag,—the tree-foil of the Second Corps,—was waving on the ridge southwest of the house.

For two ounces of liquid I should recommend a sheet of stout silver foil, about two inches long and half an inch broad.

"You bet they're the real thing," said Tough McCarty, slipping off the foil.