Foils [noun]

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Not by contrast, or as reciprocal foils do these elements act, which is the feeble conception of many, but by union.

They quarrelled in the dressing room, and fetched the foils and knocked off the buttons there.

In this game of foils Augusta showed remarkable skill, and seems to have eventually fooled Lady Byron to the top of her bent.

He had a special place adapted for his pistols, others for his foils, and again another for his whips.

It is in the selection and management of these foils that one of Peacock's principal distinctions lies.

The object of smearing the foils all over with shellac is to prevent them being acted upon by the acid.

While every one was getting ready, Harry brought out two foils and two masks on the porch a little later.

Mr. Grey, do you think it quite fair that you with your skill should fight a man who knows nothing about foils?

But however it is managed, this man and this woman played their stares like two foils feeling for an opening.

Polyfoil, pol′i-foil, n. an opening or ornament consisting of several combined foliations, a combination of more than five foils.