Foisted [verb]

Definition of Foisted:

force upon

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Sentence/Example of Foisted:

It catalyzed the shift to streaming, foisted newfound flexibility into traditional TV advertising and threw traditional production and programming pipelines in flux.

As I wrote in a feature about China’s digital currency plans earlier this year, the People’s Bank of China has continually foisted new rules and regulations onto the digital set for years.

It was for no love of her child that, by her agency, young Lucius had been foisted into the position of Haggard's heir.

Among the many reforms foisted upon China by the Powers is a college.

He turned and surveyed the multitude, including the black boy, that we had foisted upon him.

I can see the rooms crusted with ormolu, the fauns foisted on the ceiling, the ripping rident goddesses on the walls.

Thus was a belief in the assumption foisted upon the Church, having no slightest ground in fact.

Seventeen days ago you foisted yourself upon me, and since then we have been together night and day.

It is not hard to excuse the impatience of Louis XI., if such stuff was foisted on him by way of political deliberation.

It was five years before he fully found out that the text was the most worthless trash ever foisted on a torpid public.