Foisting [verb]

Definition of Foisting:

force upon

Synonyms of Foisting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foisting:


Sentence/Example of Foisting:

Galley-foist may be the name of some dress of the period, so-called for its resemblance to the gaily bedecked Mayors-barge.

This is hardly a changeling story, as no attempt was made to foist a false child on the parent.

Even Latin, living Latin had not the network of rules they foist upon unfortunate school-children.

Me mudder wasn't built to stand de wear and tear, an' about de time I was foist chased off to school, she went out o' biz.

The part had been thrust on me one day, when Edward proposed to foist the House of Lords on our small republic.

The game was to foist false terms on public belief, and then to accuse the Regent of perfidy in not keeping them.

Most women would have taken me to the least desirable first, tried to foist it upon me, then dragged me to another.

It follows, too, that we need not laboriously push and foist upon the young our faith and experience.

He himself banished her from the family, and now grumbles that I did not at once foist her upon him.

I don't doubt that Kate has invented the same nonsense for you that she tried to foist upon me.