Foliage [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foliage:

Vivosun’s aquaponic tank is great for sprucing up the top of your aquarium with a little foliage.

The park has 850 different species of wildflowers that put on a spring show rivaling the more popular—and crowded—fall foliage season.

From sweet and delicious scents like pumpkin vanilla cream to woodsy notes that remind us of beautiful foliage, we’ve picked out a candle for every autumn lover to fall in love with.

Whether gas-powered or electric, leaf blowers use powerful jets of air to clear fallen foliage.

Since the season is putting its colors on display, try to design one that will take you past the best foliage in your area.

At least three species of bumblebees use their mouths to snip little confetti bits out of plant foliage.

This will often save the foliage from drying up, a happening which makes the plants rather unsightly.

Of course, most specimens are probably taken up in the summer when the handsome foliage attracts the eye.

Out of the darkening sky rang the twanging call of a night-hawk, and the cluck of a dozing hen sounded from the foliage overhead.

But the fronds of a palm-tree in the wind produce a noise that is unlike the rustle of any other foliage in the world.