Folk [noun]

Definition of Folk:

person's relations, acquaintances

Synonyms of Folk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Folk:


Sentence/Example of Folk:

Many folks who have lived in the area for a long time are likely to recall prior storms that they weathered just fine, and figure they can survive whatever the next one brings as well.

Now, the government agency says only folks displaying symptoms should seek a coronavirus test.

I’m not sure many folks in Hollywood would be excited at that, so you might want to think twice about that.

All those folks who sacrificed and overcame so much in their own times because they wanted something more, something better for their kids.

“It’s taken how extreme this disease is to highlight things that have always been challenges for some folks in our region,” Greene said.

This local update — which seems to reflect national confusion about testing and approaches to coronavirus — touches a lot of other things as folks scramble to plan life.

Astronauts on the space station, like folks on Earth, are largely protected from these tiny wrecking balls by Earth’s magnetic field.

It is concerning when folks come before us and say that they don’t feel safe from the people that are supposed to keep them safe.

Unfortunately, another really big factor we found was that really, it’s good times that are strongly predictive of the rates of folks switching into these new sectors.

It’s still something that it’s hard to have folks kind of un-read or un-know something that they initially saw.