Folks [noun]

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I've tried to teach lots of folks; an' sum learns quick, an' some don't never learn; it's jest 's 't strikes 'em.

I've seen more cloes on folks' backs hyar, thet wan't no more'n fit for carpet-rags, than any place ever I struck.

Thet's ther way they air raised; I allow white folks might take a lesson on 'em, in thet; 'n' in heaps uv other things tew.

He tolt me thar couldn't nobody git up thar whar they'd gone; no white folks, I mean.

They were simple country folks, who had been brought up in the old house at the foot of the hill.

They mostly wore the placid expression of folks engaged in business affairs instead of the worried look of pleasure-seekers.

Old folks don't see with our eyes, or feel as we feel; they always forget when they were young themselves.

Pa says if your folks had so many children as he has and some of 'em got away he wouldn't offer no reward for 'em, he wouldn't.

I would, too, but ma she hadn't nothing nice cooked up, and she was sort of scared offerin' city folks country victuals.

She's done got a pow'ful quick tempah, my Miss Betty has, same's all my Somerset family had, bein' fust quality folks lak dey was.