Folkways [noun]

Definition of Folkways:

ideas, values of a people

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Sentence/Example of Folkways:

It includes accommodation to the folkways, the mores, the conventions, and the social ritual (Sittlichkeit).

Custom and the folkways, like habit in the individual, may be regarded as a mere residuum of past practices.

For practical purposes morals mean customs, folkways, established collective habits.

I therefore turned aside to write a treatise on the "Folkways," which I now offer.

Chapter II shows the bearing of the folkways on human interests, and the way in which they act or are acted on.

As time goes on, the3 folkways become more and more arbitrary, positive, and imperative.

No objection can lie against this postulate about the way in which folkways began, on account of the element of inference in it.

Out of the process which has been described have come the folkways during the whole history of civilization.

We must believe that the known cases illustrate the irrational and incongruous origin of many folkways.

This is another reason why the attempts to satisfy interest become mass phenomena and result in folkways.