Follies [noun]

Definition of Follies:

nonsense, ridiculous idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Follies:

Sentence/Example of Follies:

Whatever my follies may have been as a young man, I am at least incapable of wronging my wife as a married one.

My serious turn and studious habits have preserved me alike from the follies of dissipation and from the bustle of intrigue.

The follies of youth have a basis in sound reason, just as much as the embarrassing questions put by babes and sucklings.

Of course, he told Violet none of the follies which had cost poor Kennedy the loss both of popularity and self-respect.

He was even represented swung up in a basket in his own thinking-shop and giving utterance to innumerable heresies and follies.

Modern religions are but follies of old times rejuvenated or presented in some new form.

He is familiar, and in a manner identified, with the very follies he is so generously decrying.

It would appear that this God created the nations but to be toys for the passions and follies of His representatives upon earth.

I believe, my dear friends, that I have given you a sufficient preventative against all these follies.

His great rival in satire was Horace, who laughed at follies; but Juvenal, more austere, exaggerated and denounced them.