Followed [verb]

Definition of Followed:

take the place of

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Sentence/Example of Followed:

If the remaining 14 states that don’t have mandates follow suit, “they would probably decrease the risk of transmission and cases, lower the burden on their healthcare systems, and help to protect their populations,” he notes.

The stories that follow are an overview of Extra Crunch from the last five days.

Considering Thanksgiving is less than a week away with Christmas to follow, there’s no better to time to snag a gift for yourself – or others.

The most common insects were butterflies, followed by beetles and cockroaches.

While the first use of this “AV series solution” is for Mobileye’s own internal fleet, Russell is interested in the opportunities that will follow.

With a couple of hours until dinner, we follow a sand path to the Green River.

Just when Andy Dalton thought he was about to be cleared following a concussion, he contracted the coronavirus and developed covid-19.

The network even carried the combative question-and-answer period that followed Giuliani’s remarks.

At least two other women have filed lawsuits following similar incidents.

To drink, Matt ordered an Old Fashioned, followed by a Pilsener, while Elena ordered a glass of malbec and water.