Following [adjective]

Definition of Following:

happening, being next or after

Opposite/Antonyms of Following:

Sentence/Example of Following:

Memers and meme pages have been able to leverage their massive followings massed on memes to create organically upstart brands.

Instead, we are likely to witness increased splintering as fresh ideas come to the fore, new platforms gain followings, and more people get online for the first time.

The creators who have built followings there feel that it is truly unique thanks to its communities, as well as the algorithms that can launch anyone into fame.

Now, as you’ve created opportunities for all teams to work together, you should find a way to answer the following question.

Roughly a year and a half ago, TikTok began paying some creators, including those with large followings on Instagram and YouTube, to post to its platform, said Neben.

The following is the number of years lost in each age range.

On Friday, March 13, they issued a joint statement saying that physical campuses in both districts would close the following Monday.

Quartz was fortunate enough to intercept the following message from one tech titan to another.

They have also amassed a useful, massive celebrity following.

You can watch the following video, know that this is a demo of a video game and not footage of anything real, forget the technical aspects being discussed, and simply see that video game graphics are about to take a big leap forward.