Follows [verb]

Definition of Follows:

take the place of

Synonyms of Follows:

Opposite/Antonyms of Follows:

Sentence/Example of Follows:

With childlike confidence he follows the advice of some more or less honest dealer.

Then follows an account of the life of the Jesuit prisoners, in Virginia and England.

This slaughter is accompanied by the tabagie and what follows it—namely, the singing and dancing.

High rent, says the economist, does not make big prices: it merely follows as a consequence or result of them.

One way is as follows:—“Hear the sledges with the bells—silver bells.”

Then follows the first meeting of the bankrupt's creditors, within thirty days after the adjudication.

In order to understand what follows we must make a short excursion into the realm of acoustics.

As the expression, "every knee shall bow to me," cannot be confined to that alone, so neither can that which immediately follows.

Me alone they cannot kill, so long as maiden and man meet together or the spring follows the winter rains.

Religion follows the new ideas, and in two of the older deities of the fields develops the notions of justice and war.