Folly [noun]

Definition of Folly:

nonsense, ridiculous idea

Opposite/Antonyms of Folly:

Sentence/Example of Folly:

If there is one book that captures the Vietnam War in the sheer Homeric scale of its passion and folly, this book is it.

The folly of inferring 364 days from just one seems obvious.

Philpott, a reporter for Mother Jones, points to the nearby Imperial Valley in Southern California as an example of this folly.

On a November afternoon programmed for football, it’s understandable to get lost in tradition and consider the NFL’s difficulty containing the virus to be inevitable follies.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the folly of assuming that extreme scenarios will never come to pass.

I hate to be long at my toilette at any time; but to delay much in such a matter while travelling is folly.

Greater mischiefs happen often from folly, meanness, and vanity than from the greater sins of avarice and ambition.

That he laughed at their folly, and went himself in the boat, ordering his men to take a strong cable along with them.

I am ready Madam,—for I have sufficiently experienced the folly of my presuming to decline it.

This new-found joy I long pursued in secret, afraid lest it should be discovered and despised as a folly.