Foments [verb]

Definition of Foments:

instigate, provoke

Synonyms of Foments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foments:

Sentence/Example of Foments:

Brand safety isn’t a new topic with 2021, but it’s taking on more importance as companies work to avoid any potential fallout from being seen parallel to extremist political movements that have fomented on social media platforms like Facebook.

He complained of election fraud before anyone had even voted, and he fomented that lie afterward in his defeat.

We must not allow an American president to walk away without repercussions for the violence and insurrection he fomented.

The Lincoln Project will also target advertising for these corporations’ workers, hoping to “destabilize the companies’ operations by fomenting employee rebellions,” said Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project.

Following reports of genocide in Myanmar, Facebook banned the country’s top general and other military leaders who were using the platform to foment hate.

This entails taking stock of the ways in which the US has fomented a cultural backlash both against liberal democracy at home and the liberal world order abroad.

In the spring, they proved themselves capable of disrupting democracy, fomenting armed standoffs at the Capitol that caused the state to cancel a legislative session.

Jenny brought in a large basin of warm water and began to foment it first, touching it so tenderly.

There will always be barbarians and cheats who will foment intolerance; but they will not avow it—and that is something gained.

They have also a pious ambition for religious ascendancy, and do what they can to foment a holy zeal against Nonconformists.