Fond [adjective]

Definition of Fond:

have a liking or taste for

Synonyms of Fond:

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Sentence/Example of Fond:

I quickly grew fond of stashing items in the open overhead compartments that are spread around the interior.

Tasha Zemke, copy editorI bought this breakfast-sammie machine for my partner’s birthday over the summer, and we have become especially fond of it as the weather gets colder.

Readers of a certain age will have fond childhood memories of weekday afternoons spent in the company of the Warner siblings, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, the central figures of the hugely popular, Emmy-award winning animated series, Animaniacs.

I’m particularly fond of the video of tiny legless larvae leaping into the air, accompanied by Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra.”

As Warren Smith, CEO of the San Diego Loyal is fond of saying, “San Diego is the Soccer Capital of North America … it just doesn’t know it yet.”

“My sister is passionately fond of children,” said the elder lady, in smiling apology.

These Eskimos were very fond of kite-flying, for its own sake, without reference to utility!

This had been quite genuine, for the Professor had been fond of his relative, who had always been very good to him.

"I'm afraid I couldn't quite manage that, my dear boy," your fond parent would respond.

Bordering them were great quantities of berry-laden snow-berry bushes, of which I am very fond.