Foodstuff [noun]

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On an industrial level, it means, potentially, helping keep foodstuff and medicine at a predetermined temperate while shipping in the international cold chain.

For decades, China has been notorious for knockoffs and tainted foodstuffs, the latter of which have even led to public health crises.

The only animal foodstuff produced in a natural package, easily preserved and handled, is the egg.

Suppose they use this world to grow monstrous quantities of unattractive but useful foodstuff—in a way—wild?

With our sea scouts and air scouts spread in organised network around, not a shipload of foodstuff could reach the country.

But proteins are distinguished because they contain nitrogen in addition, which is found in no other foodstuff.

These were probably the first to demonstrate the non-absorbability of petroleum and its valuelessness as a foodstuff.

Dec. 30—Foodstuff smuggling plot proves to be extensive; German Embassy stated to be involved.

They may differ somewhat from the amounts called for in the recipes, thus leaving some foodstuff on hand.

He had discovered a weapon which, at first, had promised—and secured—foodstuff, and later had saved him from a tarantula.