Foodstuffs [noun]

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Sanatogen is not intended or recommended to replace ordinary foodstuffs.

Shelves lined the walls wherever it was convenient to have them, and many perishable foodstuffs had been brought inside.

My discovery of the surgical methods that give the Hunting Wasps their preserved foodstuffs has undergone the common rule.

Eastern supplies of salt, iron, hardware, and fabrics and foodstuffs could be obtained only at great expense.

Collections of money and foodstuffs were made all over Scandinavia to help the less fortunate through the winter.

In the last years before the war we had been sending about five million tons of foodstuffs a year to Europe.

In view of the apparent abundance of food it is interesting to know the reason for the high price of foodstuffs.

These southern lines were built to accommodate traffic in great staple agricultural products—cotton out and foodstuffs in.

A dominant influence in promoting the new construction at this time was the imperative need of the South for foodstuffs.

The imports are mainly cotton and metal goods, spirits and foodstuffs.