Foolery [noun]

Definition of Foolery:


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Sentence/Example of Foolery:

The person whose mind is satisfied by the parlour dullness of that nightly foolery only becomes animated when he is indecent.

The woman ceased from her mysterious foolery, and started tip-toeing toward the door.

That done, there being nothing pleasant but the foolery of the farce, we went home.

If it hadn't been for your foolery in sticking up the notices we should have been friends with the Indians now.

You get us into a precious hobble through sheer wanton foolery, and then you expect me to like it.

Supreme Lady, she, of this sublime world-foolery regardless of expense: so has the gallantry of August ordered it.

I read one programme on the subject, by a fellow called Oates, and thought it the most absurd foolery I ever perused.

It was a good joke, such as Mark Twain loved—a carefully prepared, harmless bit of foolery.

M. N. at first believed that it was a piece of foolery planned either by one of his own family or by one of his clerks.

There were the two Miss Facebys, who came up here last spring, fresh from a six months' foolery in Paris.