Foolhardiness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Foolhardiness:

To enter into a struggle with a King of the French was, for the city of Laon, an act of almost insane foolhardiness.

At the bottom of all he says about his foolhardiness in Dalmatia there lurks a proud self-satisfaction.

Similarly courage is a mean between foolhardiness and rashness on the side of excess, and cowardice on the side of defect.

No less gracious was the kindly fortune that shielded those whom duty, caprice, or foolhardiness brought into the streets.

Your foolhardiness appals me, and heaven knows, I never expected that I should be in a position to call you foolhardy.

Their suite thought it just as well not to risk their necks over such a piece of foolhardiness.

However, in my opinion he showed more foolhardiness than courage.

Courage is foolhardiness in the eyes of the cautious, and caution is cowardice in the opinion of the daring.

But though she caught at her mistress's hand to prevent such foolhardiness, Susanna could not stop her.

He had hoped to save something, but one effort drove him back, realizing the foolhardiness of repeating the experiment.