Fooling [noun]

Definition of Fooling:

joking, tricks

Synonyms of Fooling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fooling:

Sentence/Example of Fooling:

Thar was a young man named Jeames Hambrick along and another young feller, he got to fooling with his pistil, and he shot Jeames.

"I can give no time to your honorable fooling," cried Mata, in pretended anger.

Well, I went fooling along in the deep woods till I judged I warn't far from the foot of the island.

I've drifted through life fooling with real estate and writing now and then a little, a very little, poor fiction.

But they never ventured to follow me or attempted to satisfy themselves that I was not fooling them all the while.

Climb in there and stop your fooling, and I'll tell you all about it.

I succeeded in fooling the pursuers, and I arrived here at last.

"If he keeps fooling with dynamite, he's likely to do that anyhow," Elmer cut in.

The other one fell off the desk while I was fooling with the first one.

"Ay, for them that goes out fooling in a white shirt," said Mr. Rowles.