Footbridge [noun]

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At my hotel, which was connected by a footbridge to the state’s largest hospital, the nonprofit Sanford Medical Center, young people mingled mask-free in the lobby, shouting gleefully over a case of Bud Lights.

Occasionally, over a narrow stream, a frail footbridge would be built.

They were going to a distant meadow to toss hay and had to cross an angry little river on a footbridge made of one slender plank.

A low whistle sounded, and Mr. Rogers stepped into view on the footbridge.

We can't be expected to jump off a footbridge which already has a White Horse on it.

After about two hours, however, orders came to cross the river by the Eterpigny footbridge.

My ghastly visitor glided before me until he reached the footbridge, there he stopped, and turned full round.

He crossed the footbridge over the beck—the water was nearly level with the stout planks.

It is two miles round by the footbridge, and you hardly look fit for the walk, so you are coming to Culmeny with me.

An iron footbridge was put up in its place and remained till 1862, when the bridge we see was built.