Footnotes [noun]

Definition of Footnotes:

note at bottom of document

Synonyms of Footnotes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Footnotes:


Sentence/Example of Footnotes:

That’s probably enough to ensure it will be at least a footnote in history.

The unfortunate footnote of any Gonzaga season is that for some, it means little unless Few wins a national championship.

That includes long-standing features like footnotes, citations and changelogs—none of which are available to those attempting to correct falsehoods on social media platforms.

Cleveland wound up as the footnote of this four-team trade, but it did well to grab the 22-year-old Allen as a long-term option at center.

Instead of budget footnotes, journalists were trying to find safety.

Since its creation in 1975, CFIUS has slowly evolved from a regulatory footnote to a trade-war weapon.

She highlighted what she considers red flags, including a request for emails related to the footnote that the city denied, citing attorney-client privilege and work product.

There have been permanent effects on those voices who were turned into footnotes as they tried to warn the rest of us.

Kidnapped from North Africa and sold into slavery in Boston, Onesimus is generally just treated as a footnote in the story of the man who owned him.

That maybe because investors were hoping for announcements of major new products in the near term, but Tesla limited those to two relative footnotes.