Footpace [noun]

Definition of Footpace:

slow pace

Synonyms of Footpace:

Opposite/Antonyms of Footpace:


Sentence/Example of Footpace:

It stands upon four shafts, the lower portions of which are of dark marble resting on the moulded footpace round the altar.

The carriage rolled on, gently swaying and lurching: Lavrtzky proceeded homeward at a footpace.

On our way back we rode a footpace, while the captain, now ready enough to talk, answered my many questions.

The footpace is also old, and placed exactly in the centre of the apse.

The scamel is simply the footpace of the altar on which she has been set.

A horse was coming along at a footpace, with two persons on his back.

The footpace is not carried round the altar, so that it can only be approached from the front.

As luck would have it, we presently came upon a hill that had to be climbed, and my courser dropped to a footpace.

The villager suggested his farm horse, on condition that they should ride him at a footpace.

It came at a footpace past the wicket-gate of the station, and the doctor stopped it with a whisper.