Footrest [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Footrest:

Its sleek upholstered fabric gives it a professional look while still being sporty, and the added pillows and footrest offer tons of support.

Under the spell of the music he relaxed, pushed out the footrest of the chair, and lay back at ease, smoking dreamily.

He propped his feet on the footrest of the seat ahead of him, spoke to the other occupant of the seat.

In earlier forms it was used as a footrest to keep the feet from the damp or draughty rush floor.

A shaded lamp burned softly on the center-table, and beside it stood the doctor's easy-chair and footrest.

I hear my name called, I lay aside my book and meerschaum, push back my footrest, and go to the door.

At this point Guilford Duncan impatiently kicked over his footrest, rose to his feet and began dressing for the out of doors.

Sometimes he lived, day and night, motionless in his invalid's chair, with his legs propped before him on a footrest.