Footstool [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Footstool:

Let the feet, in walking or dancing, be turned out slightly; when you are seated, rest them both on the floor or a footstool.

Meanwhile, Harry and Mary were sitting twisted together into a sort of bundle, on the same footstool, by Margaret's sofa.

God saith to his divine Son: Sit on my right hand till I make thy enemies thy footstool.

A horsehair footstool, borrowed for the purpose from Mr. Diamond's parlour, was under her feet.

Ikey, who admired pretty things, rescued the dainty white and yellow pillow, and modestly helped himself to a footstool.

In the street he addressed ladies with uncovered head, was the first to pick up a handkerchief or bring a footstool.

The pressed four-leaved clover presently fell out of her book on to the footstool.

The papers declared that Humboldt County "was the richest mineral region on God's footstool."

She came back, sat down on the crimson footstool at the side of the chair, and laid her head on the arm.

Then, advancing with a slow and noiseless step up the area, he placed himself immediately before the footstool of the sage.