Footwork [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Footwork:

The rubberized little appendages give you extra control while turning, doing fast footwork, and sometimes even while stopping.

What with the burro's galloping and the man's rapid footwork, they raised quite a cloud of dust.

A net was put up on the field, and for an hour or so they beat about, regardless of science and footwork.

The referee twice cautioned Pucking Percy for holding but the pet was tricky and his footwork a treat to watch.

Tom's agile footwork kept him out of reach of the hard, hammer-like fists of the stranger.

This last escaped Reade as he blocked the blow, and again displayed a neat little bit of footwork.

And so far it had been a mild battle, a showy thing of pretty footwork and flashy boxing.

Dave, who had used up so much of his wind by his brilliant footwork, began to find it harder to keep the upper hand.

It was about the same old footwork, but it was aggressive now, instead of being defensive.

Despite his greater size, Treadwell was himself nimble and an adept at footwork.