Fop [noun]

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Muske-catthe civet-cat; applied as a term of contempt to a fop, as being a person perfumed with musk.

The young fop bowed in silence, turned on the heels of his boots, and gracefully quitted the boudoir.

Three signs of a fop: the track of his comb in his hair; the track of his teeth in his food; the track of his stick behind him.

Cumnock then yawned a town fop's advice to a hustling street passenger to apologize for his rudeness before it was too late.

You will discover one day that she is loyal to the core, tho' she has a fop of a father who would serve his Grace's chocolate.

Pounde had begun by being a very conspicuous fop at the court of Queen Elizabeth.

Also that a man should go about in a sack rather than be a fop and waste time and money on dress.

Arrived there, Don Luis entered the parlor in which the players were, walking noisily, and giving himself the airs of a fop.

There appeared an elderly man, in a black frockcoat, loose-fitting and not too garishly new, a student's coat rather than a fop's.

He could never have been taken for a fop, like Pen, but arrayed himself in a manner nicely suitable to his position.