Foppery [noun]

Definition of Foppery:

luxury, nice touch

Synonyms of Foppery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Foppery:

Sentence/Example of Foppery:

Yet, if one looks closely, under the froth and foppery, some of the charm and perception of the man still shines through.

Theron looked at his interrogator with a frown of disdain for his foppery.

They despised wealth just as other nations despise effeminacy and foppery.

Then follow references to Cæsar's sayings as to his star, and the "common foppery" as to the sun mourning his death a year.

My master was an elderly beau; and I gave myself no care that he had spent his money—the money of the expedition—on foppery.

They thought the Butterflies added to the screaming farce, the foppery of the whole thing.

If Tooke was not a philosopher he was a man of remarkably shrewd cynical common sense, who thought philosophy idle foppery.

Milton's having cherished that 'foppery' was a sufficient argument for detesting it.

We are not to think that foppery and coxcombry are generated exclusively in civilized life.

The thing is perfectly harmless in itself, but it marks a sort of foppery in the human character, which degrades it.