Foppish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Foppish:

Had I not known him, I should have seen in the scrupulous part in his hair a suggestion of the foppish.

He was only thirty feet behind Peter Niburg when that foppish gentleman reached the corner.

He turned and stared after Mamise and noted the way she went, with the foppish stranger carrying the heavy baggage.

And it must be admitted that those mere foppish, inane nothings did produce a seeming of difference.

There is nothing finical or foppish about the conventions which Mr. Harcourt undertakes to codify and explain.

He was dressed with his accustomed foppish elegance, and, as usual, was nervous and impatient.

His dilettantish manner was gone for good, as was also his foppish beard.

He had been made a cardinal at twenty-two by his uncle, and had always been noted for his elegant and foppish manners.

Gag; a conceited foppish young fellow, who tries to figure as a swell.

The Duke of Hamilton avoided the quarrel as much as possible, according to the foppish rules of honour in practice.