Foraging [verb]

Definition of Foraging:

search madly for

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Sentence/Example of Foraging:

Moreover, the great irony of California’s robust almond industry is that it has, along with other agricultural pursuits, gradually crowded out natural foraging land for bees.

The animals were not merely taking advantage of the other’s activities, as happens when fish follow turtles across the seafloor, snapping up critters scattered by their sediment-disturbing foraging.

Three months later, Serenity reached her foraging waters along a small island called Farquhar Atoll in the Seychelles archipelago.

As for the upper frequency range, “they don’t seem to be using it in a foraging context,” he says.

By eavesdropping on their distant neighbors at night, the whales may gather information about foraging conditions elsewhere in their range.

Some Shark Bay dolphins also use a more unusual tool-based foraging method.

The foraging party were now provided with their lists, and with certain sums to pay for the things they were to get.

To escape detection while breaking the orders against foraging, the five men named had stolen from the camp at an early hour.

The Cossæi, like the neighbouring mountaineers, are for the most part archers, and are always out on foraging parties.

Some of these foraging parties had encounters with the enemy which would, in ordinary times, rank as respectable battles.