Forays [noun]

Definition of Forays:

incursion, attempt

Synonyms of Forays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forays:

Sentence/Example of Forays:

The Caffres, however, were not prevented from reorganising themselves for fresh forays.

The Caffres continued to make forays within the colony, and to plunder cattle.

These forays were conducted in much more gentlemanly fashion than the harrying of the Christian valleys in the autumn of 1915.

But this fort would now be a hindrance to such forays, and the slaveholders demanded that it should be destroyed.

There was, as yet, no great overpopulation of mountainous areas compelling raids or forays into piedmont zones.

Here there were probably village incompatibilities—Donnybrook fairs, cattle-lifting, and forays.

As he forays plentifully among the corn-fields, the inhabitants regard him as a scourge, and wage deadly war against him.

There was nothing after this on the western coast more serious than guerrilla forays.

They have not as yet risked any great battle, but in their raids and forays against the enemy are constantly successful.

All seasons are open for his bloodless forays, all woods and waters free to his harmless weapon.