Forbade [verb]

Definition of Forbade:

outlaw, prohibit an action

Synonyms of Forbade:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forbade:

Sentence/Example of Forbade:

Pride forbade him to confess himself a homeless, penniless vagabond.

That my aspirations were satisfied I do not pretend, for ambition forbade any settled feeling of rest or content.

Jessie forbade her chum to tell, by a hard stare and a determined shake of her head.

His mind with all its sternness ever tended to clemency, and his constitutional prudence, or measure, forbade purposeless excess.

Bishop Fox in his injunctions in 1507 forbade sundry priests to hold any communication with the abbess or with any of the nuns.

He forbade wine because some of his followers once went intoxicated to prayers.

Something forbade his speaking to her; somehow she seemed closely connected with the black calamity which had fallen on him.

Henri had changed again by that time, but he sternly forbade Sara Lee to attend.

But she positively forbade my mentioning the subject again in her presence.

The Bishop, it was pointed out, had pardoned the affront which he had received; but the Duke forbade them to speak of pardon.