Force [noun]

Definition of Force:

physical energy, power

Synonyms of Force:

Opposite/Antonyms of Force:

Sentence/Example of Force:

Troye said she organized and participated in every meeting of the coronavirus task force, which her former boss chairs, between February and July.

Climate change has also been a force behind the latest wave of destructive wildfires on the West Coast.

Perhaps the presence of EMS workers could have saved Taylor’s life, as her attorneys say, but this would not have changed the fact that she was already the victim of excessive force the moment officers stormed in and started shooting.

Altogether, this means that water is hitting the ground with more force and the soil is unable to suck it up.

The president recently visited Wisconsin to highlight his support for law enforcement and to reinforce his message that he is best suited to tamp down violence — with force, if necessary.

Like the subjects of my reporting, climate change had found me, its indiscriminate forces erasing all semblance of normalcy.

In fact, South Africa’s lockdown came with the deployment of military forces for enforcement as well as a ban on alcohol sales.

One implication of this, Regier says, is that it calls into question whether subduction was able to bury carbon deeply and for long enough to be a driving force behind the Great Oxidation Event.

The PBC model embraces all three elements and puts legal, and thus market, force behind them.

The device is powerful, with up to 40 pounds of force, and 75 percent quieter than the previous version.