Forceful [adjective]

Definition of Forceful:

effective, powerful

Opposite/Antonyms of Forceful:

Sentence/Example of Forceful:

While it’s telling that his label is suspending him “indefinitely,” leaving room for him to return at any time, the instant condemnation from the industry is forceful enough that some in Nashville are skeptical how Wallen can come back from this.

Being a follower of a fringe-right group like QAnon or Proud Boys isn't inherently illegal — they've done nothing wrong until they become a part of a violent or forceful conspiracy.

It requires a combination of forceful behavior and diplomacy.

A day later, she called for a broader, more forceful response.

Moreover, the trend is further fueled by Washington stepping back from its historic role as a forceful advocate for democracy abroad.

An order in Mexico City, for instance, was even more forceful, while some of the decisions in southern states sided with the government.

First of all is the forceful utterance of the stressed syllable; the Provençal has post-tonic syllables, unlike the sister-speech.

He used forceful language to arouse interest in reforms in which only a minority of the Virginians believed at the time.

“What right have you or Major Kinnaird——” she began, but Weston checked her with a little forceful gesture.

Another personality looked out from the deep-set, somnolent, gray eyes; a personality resolute, forceful and quietly alert.