Forcefully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Forcefully:

Every other police department facing an angry crowd will be concerned about being overrun, and overcorrecting in response to that concern may lead to overly forceful, unconstitutional responses.

If there’s one surprising thing, it was in how forceful the likes of Cotton and other GOP Senate colleagues were in taking the other side — in denouncing the effort and tying it to the violent scenes that we saw Wednesday.

The country’s approach to the pandemic has been forceful in many ways, not just when it comes to contact tracing technology.

Sanders and Hawley, the surprising bipartisan duo, has made a forceful push for stimulus checks to be included in the next round of economic relief.

A creative and forceful scorer off the dribble, Mitchell’s new contract will theoretically keep him in Utah through at least his age-28 season.

And, frankly, not everybody in our party was as clear or as forceful in response as we were.

In addition to becoming more forceful, hurricanes also seem to be stalling more, meaning they move more slowly.

After frowning over the communication, Colonel Lewis read it aloud to some of his officers and expressed himself very forcefully.

Disarmed by it, I can not right the wrongBy scolding him, however forcefully.

The curtain bellies out, and at the same moment M. Brisson is touched; then the curtain is flung forcefully over the table.