Forcefulness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Forcefulness:

His face was an epitome of forcefulness, his lips hard, his eyes brilliant.

It let Garth see, however, a sharp and colorless face which conveyed an impression of uncommon forcefulness.

Everywhere in St. Cecilias cathedral is fragile loveliness set side by side, as an afterthought, with stern forcefulness.

He was a typical Irish gentleman, noted for his genial character and the forcefulness of his language in the hunting field.

But to a man of his forcefulness and headstrong courage the thought of retreat was maddening.

The forcefulness of General Pershing's father, the inspiring words of his mother form a rare background.

But their despotism was one that rested almost exclusively on the personal forcefulness of the ruler.

They were learning the great secret of literary forcefulness—to suit their style to their audience.

We cannot but admire his immense forcefulness and agility, the fertility of his mind, and the swiftness of its play.

There was a note of finality in his voice, a sudden forcefulness of meaning as he raised his head and looked at David.