Forcing [verb]

Definition of Forcing:

obligate to do something

Opposite/Antonyms of Forcing:

Sentence/Example of Forcing:

Then the enemy's howitzers and field guns had it all their own way, forcing attack to yield a lot of ground.

The water-piston is 10 inches in diameter, drawing and forcing 35 feet perpendicular, equal beam.

Forcing himself to believe that he had been the victim of some kind of illusory perception, he vigorously restrained his feelings.

During the operations which ended in the enemy forcing the Adda, his division got isolated from the main body.

England has sinned against India by forcing free trade upon her.

The significance of these discoveries was long in forcing itself upon the attention of scientific men.

"Come nearer, Tatsu San," he whispered, forcing his face into the distortion of a smile.

Carven was a big man and he was forcing the valet to look down at Harry Duggin's dead face.

She surprised him at the moment when he was forcing open a casket, and struck him a blow with her riding whip.

A few hundred men attempted to defend the town, but it was carried by forcing open the gate, and plundered.