Fore [adverb]

Definition of Fore:

in the front

Synonyms of Fore:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fore:



Sentence/Example of Fore:

Thirdly, even if the personal has been brought to the fore on “Spare Ribs,” Williamson has his reasons.

It opens up flat and the dog lays down on it with both hind and fore legs folded underneath itself—this is the way military dogs are trained to lie down so that they can jump up faster.

This is a time in our society when the role of fundamental science and inquiry has really come to the fore in our response to covid-19.

Now, at the fore of a constantly changing business landscape where disruption is routine, they’re primed to succeed.

This period is bringing to the fore things that, once you see them and understand them, they cannot be ignored.

His drill-like nose, his powerful fore-legs and big, strong feet all served to make him the fastest digger in Pleasant Valley.

If we hustle right smart we can get a pen done 'fore dark, let alone gettin' them cattle into a shed.

With what honest pride did John Smith, the best farmer of them all, step to the fore and assign to each man his place!

With his head between his fore-paws and one eye closed, he watches the tiny tongue of flame licking up the last coal.

The pustule on the fore finger shews the disease in an earlier stage.