Forearm [noun]

Definition of Forearm:

elbow to wrist

Synonyms of Forearm:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forearm:


Sentence/Example of Forearm:

Though Brady still had to wear a play-call sheet strapped to his forearm in the playoffs, they became the first team ever to score 30 points or more in four games in a postseason.

These bracelets look a lot like something John McEnroe might have worn on a tennis court in the ’70s, but they have a plastic insert that applies pressure to a point on the underside of your forearm, just below the wrist.

The 100S is more than a full pound lighter than the 3-pound GFX 100, which is a huge difference when you’re trying not to destroy your wrists and forearms.

If the bench is short, place your forearm on the floor, with your elbow directly below your shoulder, bent to 90 degrees.

Sometimes, chemicals splashed on him and burned his forearms.

To test pain threshold, they applied a heated aluminum thermode to the inner forearm of the subjects, starting at 90 degrees Fahrenheit and slowly increasing to a maximum of 126 degrees.

I created “solar freckles” on my forearm – invisible spots that turned blue under UV exposure and reminded me when to wear sunscreen.

So I picked up my phone, um, which is typically embedded in my forearm, and got on social media and tweeted, "OscarsSoWhite they asked to touch my hair."

He was wounded in the left shoulder, forearm and right hand and had to have his left arm amputated the next day.

Fortunately, however, it has escaped with only the loss of part of the right forearm and shoulder.