Forebear [noun]

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Since 2014, Bush has chronicled the rituals of her forebears in Maryland’s Goth community.

And, by almost any metric, where we’re in the safest time in history, and we’re also living a ridiculously long time compared to our forebears.

The shield and helmet of one of Brittanys dukes of the Montfort line, Annes immediate forebear, adorn the gable of the main faade.

"I didn't wait to get an umbrella," Missy couldn't forebear commenting, slightly slurring the truth.

Many other reasons and facts we might mention, but we forebear.

He remembered the repeated injunctions of his great forebear who had lived and died in the Susan Road beside the gasworks.

Papers there record that my forebear, Cyril Spink, had his doubts at the time.

And I gazed on the bell-branch, sleep's forebear, far sung by the Sennachies.

Forebear, Senor, he commanded, in a rich yet imperious tone.

And that ape again, not a score of thousands from the monkey, his forebear.