Forecasting [verb]

Definition of Forecasting:

predict, guess

Synonyms of Forecasting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forecasting:

Sentence/Example of Forecasting:

When the trees of the virgin forest cast their shadows on the newly risen roof there was no forecasting provision for winter.

He was rid of Bessie Lynde, too, and of the trouble of forecasting and discounting her caprices.

Indeed, for a while, her closest associates were conservative in forecasting on that point.

This in turn necessitated forecasting the zero time as a result of the observed times of passing the previous positions.

But King Olaf, forecasting this, had sent men to bore holes in the boats so that they would not float.

Nothing is gained to an individual and much is lost to a party by forecasting so far in advance of time and events.

The measurement of humidity is of far wider importance than the mere forecasting of local weather conditions.

In forecasting their possibilities, the distinction between better and worse arises.

If there is so much uncertainty in forecasting the path of a disturbance at sea, how much more uncertain must it be on land?

Almost as eerie as standing here looking at Meg talk of Humboldt's forecasting eclipses back in '32.